Chapter 4

Marcus stood up and was clearly outraged at seeing Mathias's picture on the television and hearing his name.
"Mathias is on our trail already!" he said through clenched teeth. "How is it possible that he could be here already?"

Eliza stood up and faced him and began to explain, "I was hoping to be able to wait a few days before I had to tell you about him so as not to mar your return, but now it seems that I have no choice."
She paused for a moment gathering her thoughts, then took a deep breath and began.
"Mathias arrived in this town a few months ago, I believe he suspected that I was here, but I have kept myself concealed from him so he has been unable to find me. He's known to the locals here as a paranormal investigator, but in reality he's more like a bounty hunter or exterminator of our kind. Now that you have arrived his suspicions will be confirmed that I am here, and now that he would have figured out that you have returned he will be greatly increasing his efforts to find us."
Her eyes glanced momentarily at the television, remembering what the reporter had said, she continued.
"That reporter said he is assisting the police with their investigation, that couldn't be further from the truth, he would be just using them as a means to an end. The police would be looking for human suspects who blew up that cabin, and he would let them continue to believe that so they don't get in his way in his hunt for us."

Marcus spoke up, his deep guttural voice filled with venom and hatred.
"I look forward to the day he does find us, I'll rip him limb from limb and this time he'll be the one sent to the underworld!"

Eliza gave him a sympathetic look trying to imagine what he must have endured down in the underworld all these years, then said,
"I wished it were to be that easy, and I would greatly enjoy watching you do so that we may finally be rid of him forever, but while in the guise of my human form I have come into close proximity to him a couple of times and had sensed from him that he has grown in power, and I felt he has a strong protective aura around him now."

Marcus looked around him at their home that Eliza had built for them and a look of sorrow crossed his face.
"This is such a great home you have built for us and I am grateful for it, and it has obviously kept you safe all these years, it is an impenetrable fortress with it being built underground in rock, but I fear with Mathius being so close to us and hot on our trail that should he locate us here we would end up being like trapped rabbits in a hole."

Eliza nodded and said, "I was thinking exactly the same thing. We are safe here for now but eventually he will find out where we are. We can barricade ourselves in but in doing so we will gradually get weaker and he will eventually find a way in and we will be powerless to defeat him."

Marcus had a thoughtful look on his face, then shared what was on his mind.
"I think the best thing we can do is put a bit of distance between him and us, somewhere where we can put our plan into action so we can grow our power to guarantee us victory against him."

A smile came to Eliza's lips as she said, "You read my mind and I also agree that we should leave here. These last few months I knew I was going to be able to attempt to bring you back soon, and in anticipation of you liking my idea about forming a band and using our music to gain souls to increase our power, I've been doing a bit of research into it, and I've discovered there's an agent in Paris who's looking for new bands to manage. All interested bands need to travel to Paris for an audition, and if they like the band and see potential in them they get to perform as a support act in a concert to gauge  how the crowd responds to them, if the crowd responds very well the agent may sign up the band with a music contract."

A devilish smile came to Marcus's face as he said, "Paris it is then, and it seems such a fitting destination considering we need our victims to love us in order to make their souls vulnerable, and Paris is the city of love."

Eliza let out a chuckle then went all serious again and said, "There's one more thing I need to warn you about Mathias. When he was after us years ago he had targeted you for what you had taken from him. This time I fear he will target me and put his entire focus on trying to banish me to the underworld. He would have an understanding of how I brought you back and how I could only do it during the full moon. He would know that you are only linked to this world through me, and should he succeed in breaking this link by banishing me to the underworld, then you would also be returned to the underworld with me. You shall remain linked through me until the next full moon at midnight, at which time your link to this world shall become complete."

As she spoke she saw his expression darken.
"He's going to have to get through me first before he can get to you!" Marcus growled. "I want to go after him right now and rip his throat out instead of running away!"
Teeming with anger he headed for the stairs leading to the front door.

Eliza raced after him and blocked his path at the foot of the stairs, and grabbing his hand tried reasoning with him.
"You shall get your chance but now is not the right time. Don't underestimate his power, his protective aura is strong which prevents our kind from being able to touch him. He's had a lot of time to prepare for his confrontation with us, who knows what other things he may have learnt over the years."

Marcus knew she was right and checked his anger, then turned his thoughts from Mathias to her and their task ahead.
"Let's forget about him for now, we need to focus on getting to Paris and trying to get in contact with this agent."
Eliza let out a small sigh of relief that she was able to calm him down and make him see reason, though she still feared that Marcus may still go after him as soon as she was asleep. She was well aware of how protective he was of her and he would sacrifice himself in a heartbeat if it meant saving her. She couldn't bear the thought of losing him again, especially since having only just gotten him back after all of these lonely years. She had a sudden sense of urgency to get to Paris as quickly and as soon as possible.
Keeping her voice calm so as not to betray her thoughts and fears she said, "Perhaps we should look up an online travel agent and see if we can book a flight to Paris that leaves as soon as possible." 
Marcus gave a slight nod in agreement and they both headed into the study.

Eliza sat down at the computer and turned it on. Marcus watched over her shoulder as she searched through travel agents to find a flight that left for Paris as early as possible. Eventually she found one that had two seats available that left at 7am in the morning.
"Perfect!" She said with a huge smile and she booked the flight. "That gives me just enough time to welcome you back properly before we need to pack and head off to the airport."
She turned the computer off then got up and headed for the door. When she was half way through the doorway she paused momentarily to look back at him over her shoulder with an extremely irresistible seductive expression on her face, her eyes glancing him up and down. With an eager grin he set off after her.

He followed her into the bedroom and as soon as he stepped through the door she threw her arms around him and kissed him hard and passionately. He kissed her just as hard and passionately in return as his hands caressed the curves of her body. She ran her hands up his rippling abbs then raked her nails down his muscular chest. She slid her fingers in behind his shirt and around his shoulders, and with a flick of her hands his shirt dropped to the floor.

She took a few steps back from him, and with her head tilted down slightly and her eyes looking up intently focused on his, and a mischievous yet playful smirk to her lips, she removed all of her clothes.

With passion burning in his eyes he removed his remaining clothes and they both made their way to the bed where they made hot passionate love until the early hours of the morning.
They both just lay there for a while feeling tired and exhausted, but the opportunity for sleep was long past as their plane was leaving in a few hours. They didn't mind though, they had a long flight ahead of them and will have plenty of time to catch up on sleep then. A smile suddenly spread across Eliza's lips. She rolled over and gave Marcus a lingering and passionate kiss, then jumped out of bed with an air of excitement about her. The day had finally arrived where all of her plans will finally get put into motion, and if all goes well they may finally be rid of Mathias once and for all. Marcus got up minutes later and they both freshened up in the shower then sat down for a quick breakfast.

Knowing they wouldn't be able to travel in their current form and remembering all too well how much Marcus detested his human form, a mischievous smirk spread across Eliza's lips as she shimmered into her human form and broke the silence saying, "It's been so long that I've seen you in your human form that I've forgotten what you looked like."
He looked across at her and a disgusted look spread across his face, then with a grimace he shimmered into his human form.
"Mmm, you look delicious!" She said teasingly, then quickly got up before he could retaliate and headed off to the bedroom to pack a suitcase.
His burning gaze stared into her back as he too got up and joined her in packing his suitcase.

Eliza called for a taxi to take them to the airport. While they were waiting for it to arrive they done a check over their home to make sure everything was turned off and secure. They were pretty sure that Mathias will soon learn that they had fled to Paris, after all, it's impossible to go unnoticed when you become a famous band. If all goes well they should hopefully had acquired enough power by the time he catches up to them in order to defeat him. Once this is all over it would be nice to come back home again, and the last thing the would want to find when they return is their home had burned down because they had left the oven on. Before long the taxi arrived, they squeezed their luggage in the back, then got in and set off for the airport.

It was night time in Paris when they arrived. They done a quick search on the computers at the airport and found an available apartment on the top floor of a highrise building. Looking at the pictures the furnishings had something to be desired, but it felt right, to be up so high and be able to survey the city before them, like predators seeking their prey. They made arrangements straight away online and took the apartment. As they now had somewhere to stay they decided to go and see if it looked as bad as it did in the pictures.
When they arrived at their apartment and stepped through the door they both shuddered in distaste. It was tiny compared to their home and crammed full of bland furniture. It had an intense claustrophobic feel to it. They both quickly made their way to the outside balcony and looked out over the vista spread out before them. Paris was putting on a spectacular display all lit up in the darkness of night. They both breathed in the cool air and looked at each other with a smile. They were so close now to fulfilling their dreams that they felt like they could reach over the edge and grab it in their hands.
Despite sleeping for a good part of the flight they both still felt exhausted after all they had just been through over the last couple of days. They were planning to try and find the agent in the morning and make an appointment for an audition. Not wishing to leave the serene cool night air, but knowing they needed their rest, they decided to go back inside and get some sleep. Tomorrow will bring the commencement of their plans into action, and they will need to feel refreshed and ready.
Laying in bed together with her eyes closed, Eliza could hear Marcus start to snore. She envisioned the path that lay before them and an evil smile came to her lips, and the faint moonlight glinted off her fangs.

End  Of  Chapter  


Paris World by Sims Key
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